Access/VBA Library


I like to automate my tasks whenever it is possible. Not only in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. Over the last twenty years I created tons of functions and procedures in Visual Basic for Applications to make my life much easier. In the need to organize all my creations I created this website to set up a library of code-snippets which I can reuse in my current and future projects.

Beside a lot of functions I will post some articles about my best practices about programming in Visual Basic for Applications, especially in MS/Access.


When using the modules in Win 64 environment, you may need to add the PtrSafe keyword at the declaration of external functions.

Please, feel free to use, modify and distribute any code you find on this website. If you have any question, suggestion for improvement or some review comment, do not hesitate to contact me!


Date Update
2019-08-28 Fixed issue in JSONParser: decimal point was hard coded comma, changed to checking the systems setting.
2018-11-12 Added note you need to add the PtrSafe keyword at the declaration of external function for Windows 64-bit configurations
2018-04-09 A bit of the record but some VBA in action: Added a PowerPoint-add in: P3Plus.
2018-04-02 Performance change in Database functions. Recordsets will be opened as read-only snapshots.
2018-03-08 New function: FastFileList to get a list of files of a specified folder, but now the fast way
2017-12-13 New page: PowerPoint, some code I uses for my VBA Projects in PowerPoint
2017-10-20 New class: JSONParser, parsing JSON datastructures
Code changes in mdlBasicFunction, mdlDatabase, and mdlJSON. See changelog at module pages for more details.
2017-10-18 New class: ActiveWindowList, holds a list of all active Windows (like Alt-Tab at Windows)
2017-10-10 New page: Classes describing the classes Array_, Queue and Stack
2017-10-09 New article: Managing global variables
2017-10-05 New page: Downloads providing downloads of the examples, modules and classes mentioned on this website