Text editor

Sometimes you want to put some text in your presentation which can not be put on one slide. P3Plus has a very simple texteditor to divide text over one or more slides. In the following examples it is obvious the text on the slide does not fit. To activate the text editor, make sure you are in text edit mode and right-click:

 Text editor

Select "P3 Text editor..." and the next dialog will appear:

Now you can edit the text by adding blank lines. Each blank line will result in a new slide. So, in this case we edit the text as follows:

Click on "Ok" and P3Plus created to extra slides to hold the second and third paragraph:

When you check the option "Split text on same slide" P3Plus will created duplicates of the textbox on the same slide and add animations to navigate through the textboxes:


This option can be very usefull when you want to display texts on top of video background.

You can P3Plus force to display an empty line by adding a line containing just a (back)slash

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