Create or rename a section using slide title

This function is usefull wen you want to add a section before a slide which name is the same of the title of the slide. In Normal view or Slide Sorter View right-click on the thumbnail of the slide:

 The title of the slide is in this case "Announcements". To create a section "Announcements" just select "Add section 'Announcements'" :

When the slide has no title it shows P3Plus will take the name of the Master Slide as name of the section.

Create a section for a selection of slides

In the previous example a section has been created by adding a section before the currently selected slide. But, when more slides has been selected, P3Plus will put the selected slides within one section. Take a look at this example:

The slides 2, 3, 5 and 6 are selected. Select from the contextmenu "Add section 'Announcements'" and P3Plus will create a section "Announcements" containing the slides 2 till 6. Because slide number 4 was not selected this slide will be hidden. Because Slide number 7 was not selected a new section is created for this slide. In the Slide Sorter view the result will look like:

Because slide 7 has no title, the name of then section created before this slide will be the name of the Master Slide.

Rename section

When the sectionname differs from the title of the first slide of the section you can easily rename the sectionname by the slide's title. Right-click on the sectionname (in this case Default Section):

Click on "Rename section as 'Year Review'" and the section is renamed.

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