Presentation libraries


When you have a collection of default slides or presentations which you use in more than one presentation, the module "Presentation libraries" might be usefull. You can define up to 10 libraries containing default presentations and you can merge these presentations within your presentation very easily. P3Plus supports two ways to insert other presentations into your current presentation.

Insert slides from presentation

In Normal view or Slide sorter view right-click on a gap between of after a thumbnail:


Select "Insert presentation from library" and the next form will popup:

Select the library and the presentation you would like to insert and click the "Insert all slides" button. All slides of the selected presentation will be inserted into your presentation. When "Keep source formatting" has been checked, the formatting of the slide is also copied into the presentation.

You can double-click a presentation to open it as a new presentation.

Insert presentation as object

P3Plus also allows you to embed a presentation from a library as an object. In Normal view right-click somewhere on the slide:

and select "Embed presentation from library.

Now the window "Embed presentation from library" will pop-up:


Select the library and presentation you want to embed. When you click on the "Embed presentation" button the presentation is added to the current slide as an object. 

P3Plus has added an animation to start the embeded presentation. In this case the option "Start presentation directly" was set and the presentation will start when the current slide is presented. 

At the animation pane you will see:

Double-click on the the animation in the animation pane to change the properties of the animation:

I usally check the option "Hide before this action"  and set "After animation" to "Hide After Animation" to ensure the object is not visible when its content is not presented.

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