Custom Slideshows

With custom slideshows PowerPoint offers the possibility to adapt a single presentation for different audiences. Within a custom slide show you select the slides you want to use and in which order. But, when you have a large presentation it can be a lot of work to select all slides. P3Plus provides some functions to create one or more custom slide shows based on sections. Right-click in Normal view or Slide Sorter view on the section and select "Actions" in the menu.

When you have enabled the module "Actions on sections" the submenu will contain more items

  • For current section
    A new custom slideshow is created containing all slides of the current section. The name of the slideshow will be the number of the slideshow and the name of the section.
  • For each section
    A custom slideshow is created for each section of the presentation. The name of the slideshows will be the number of the slideshow and the name of the section. When you take a look at the slideshow menu:

    you see that in this case four custom slide shows has been created. But also the Set up Slide Show has been changed:

    The option "Loop continuously until 'ESC' has been set and the option "Slow slides" has been set to "Custom show" and the default slide show is set to "01-Default section", the first custom slideshow created.
  • Manual...
    With this option you can select for which sections you want a custom slideshow to be created and in which order. In this way you can create a schedule of custom slideshows.

    Select on the left side the sections you want to create a custom slideshow for and press the button with the array to the right (or just double-click). The sections will be put in the box on the right. Use the up and down arrows to order the selected sections. You can also add a section more than once. When the current slideshows must to be replaced, select the option "Remove existing slideshows".
    Press OK to complete your request. 
    Now the requested custom slideshows are created and the Slide Show settings has been changed (see also "For all sections") 
  • Remove all custom slideshows
    A quick way to remove alle custom slideshows from your presentation.

Be aware of the fact that P3Plus creates a custom slide show by adding the slides the section contains at that moment. Adding or removing slides to the section afterwards will not result in a changed custom slide show.




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