Actions on sections

The use of sections within your presentation allows you to perform action on a all slides within a section. This module of P3Plus extends the set of functions.

Duplicate a slide to all sections

When your presentation has been well structured by sections you can let P3Plus duplicate a slide to all sections. The position of the duplicated slide will be the first within each section.

Suppose you have a presentation containing a couple of sections and you want add an agenda to each section. Create the agenda slide and right-click on the thumbnail of this agenda slide:

Select "Duplicate slide to all sections" and each section (except the section the current slide is in) starts now with the agenda slide.

Actions submenu

The actions submenu provides some actions which can be performed on one ore more section. Right-click on the name of a section and select "Actions".


When you have enabled the module "Custom Slideshows" the submenu may contain more items

  • Remove all BUT this section
    This action will remove alle sections from your presentation except the current one.
  • Remove empty sections
    When your presentation contains sections without slides you can remove all empty sections at once.
  • Open section as presentation
    This action opens a new presentation containing only the current section and all slides within this section
  • Split presentation
    All sections from your presentation will be extracted and saved as a separate presentation. Therefore a new folder is created at the folder the current presentation is in. The name of the folder is the name of the presentation (in this case the presentation is saved as demo.pptx) and the current date and time:

    Each section has the name of the presentation, the number of the section and the name of the section.
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