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Access/VBA Library

I like to automate my tasks whenever it is possible. Not only in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. Over the last twenty-five years I created tons of functions and procedures in Visual Basic for Applications to make my life much easier. In the need to organize all my creations I created this website to set up a library of code-snippets which I can reuse in my current and future projects.

You are free to download and use my code snippets from the Access/VBA Library

  • General
  • Active Windowlist
  • Network drives
  • INI-files
  • Clipboard
  • Files & Folders
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  • MS/Access
  • Database functions
  • ACCDE protection
  • Form Handling
  • Powerpoint Functions
  • Queryresults to data types
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  • Data structures
  • Queue
  • Stack
  • Array
  • JSON-parser
  • JSON-converters
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Powerpoint Plugins

P3 Plus

Extended Powerpoint functions

P3Plus is an extension to PowerPoint and offers a variety of functions to perform operations on slides and sections of slides. This PowerPoint Add-in is divided into a number of modules that you can enable or disable as desired.

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P3 Worship
Updated 2023-03

P3 Worship

Songs and bibles for services

P3 Worship is an Add-In for PowerPoint to help you create a PowerPoint presentation for church services. With the help of P3 Worship you can make slides with Bible and song texts that you can show during a service.

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P3 Song

Song Lyrics slide creator

P3 Song is a simple Add-in to split lyrics across multiple slides. First create one slide and specify the layout. Then enter the lyrics of the song using P3 Song and indicate where the slide transitions are. P3 Song creates your slides.

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License checker

A church service or church activity without music is unthinkable. Music is often used that is subject to copyright and for which permission must be requested and often also paid for. Fortunately, licenses are offered that allow you to protect as a church against improper use of copyrighted material. Unfortunately, the palette of licenses is large and not very clear. This License Checker tries to provide insight into which licenses you as a church congregation need in any case to legally use copyrighted material.