Access/VBA Library


Copies a PowerPoint presentation at the current position within the ActivePresentation . It's a extention to the Reuse Slide feature of PowerPoint.


ReusePresentation( Source, KeepSourceFormatting )
Name Type Description
Source String Required. Filename of the PowerPoint presentation to be copied.
KeepSourceFormatting Boolean Required. Indicates whether the CustomLayout should be copied also.
Sub ReusePresentation(Source As String, ByVal KeepSourceFormatting As Boolean)
    Dim CurrentPresentation As Presentation
    Dim SourcePresentation As Presentation
    Dim TempFilename As String
    Set CurrentPresentation = ActivePresentation
    ' Create copy of file avoiding reference in MRU
    TempFilename = CreateTempPresentation(Source)
    ' Open presentation and copy all slides
    With Application_
        With .Presentations.Open(TempFilename, True, True, False)
        End With
        ' Activate the Window
        ' Paste copied slides into the current presentation
        On Error Resume Next
        If KeepSourceFormatting Then
            .CommandBars.ExecuteMso ("PasteSourceFormatting")
            .CommandBars.ExecuteMso ("Paste")
        End If
    End With
    ' Delete temporary file
    FSO.DeleteFile TempFilename
End Sub



  • This function can only be used when a Window is open for the active presentation.

See also

  • CreateTempPresentation
  • FSO