Access/VBA Library

formContent Property

Get or retrieve the content of named fields within the current selected form.


clsIE.formContent[ = values]
Name Type Description
clsIE   The name of an object of type clsIE
values Dictionary Optional. The values to be assigned to the named fields in the current selected form. The name of the field must be the key and its new value is the value of the entry.
' Find all articles of BBC about the Brexit
Dim IE As New clsIE
Dim index As Long
Dim data As Dictionary

IE.location = ""
' First form is the search form
IE.formIndex = 1
' Get current fields and content
Set data = IE.formContent
' Specify search criteria
data("q") = "Brexit"
' Fill in form
IE.formContent = data
' Submit search
IE.formSubmit "Search the BBC"