Access/VBA Library

SendKeyStrokes Method

Activates the window at the given index in de WindowList and sends the keys specified to this Window.

When Key is an Integer, the value is not sent, but the method will wait the given amount of seconds before sending the next strings.


ActiveWindowList.SendKeyStrokes( Index, Keys-1 [, Keys-2 [,...[, Keys-N]]] )
Name Type Description
ActiveWindowList   The name of an object of type ActiveWindowList
Index Long Required. a value between 1 and the value of the Count attribute.
Keys Variant Required. Must be a String or an Integer.


  • This method uses SendKeys to send the strings to the active window so take a look at the Access/VBA manual for description of special keys.

See also

  • Sleep
  ' Find first active Notepad application and change content
  ' into Hello World
  Dim WindowList As New ActiveWindowList
  Dim Index As Long

  Index = WindowList.Find("*Notepad*")

  If Index Then
      ' Modify the content of the Notepad window found:
      ' Ctrl + A : Select all
      ' {DELETE} : Delete selected text
      ' Add "Hello world!"
      ' wait 1 second
      ' {BACKSPACE} : Remove "!"
      Call WindowList.SendKeyStrokes(Index, "^a{DELETE}", "Hello world!", 1, "{BACKSPACE}")
  End If